A principle. Less is more. Briefly.

By Matt Sabo, Consociate Media Writer and Strategist

It’s so tempting.

You have mad skills.

You ooze creativity.

You don’t need coffee. In the morning. Or ever. Really.

You know stuff.

You do stuff.

You make stuff better. With your eyes closed.

You’re so good. Sometimes you can’t stop.

You just. Can’t be contained.

That’s why. It’s tempting. So tempting. To add more you. In everything.

It’s precisely why. Why you never Tweet. Because let’s face it. 140 characters? So limiting. It quenches your quintessence.

So. Your rules. Are their rules.

Less is never more. Less sucks. You like to add. Because subtracting great from greatness. Leaves you ness. Nobody wants ness.

Your emails are longer. Because what you say? So freaking stupendous. The stuff you write. Even if it’s a lot. Makes everyone smarter.

Your meetings are longer. Because what you say? So freaking stupendous. The stuff you say. Even if it’s long-winded. Makes employees better.

Your presentations? Middle East peace negotiations. Can take less time. You put the power. In PowerPoint. Which means. Order in lunch. For your presentations. Because they are powerful. Maybe. Just maybe. Even powerfully long.

One thing though. What if? Yes. What if less is better?

Could you? Do less? Like …

Don’t cc.

Step back. From the PowerPoint.

Talk less.

Practice minimalism. In everything.

Especially your emails.

And your meetings.

In fact. Cancel stuff.

Like meetings.

See what happens.

To like. Productivity. Yours. And theirs.

One other thing.

Start Tweeting. It’s good practice.

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