About the Consociate Team

Using new and traditional media to tell the story of your business, helping connect your dream to a wider audience.

Founder of Consociate Media

Stephanie Heinatz, founder of Consociate Media, a Virginia-based public relations and communications consulting firm, cut her teeth as a newspaper journalist.

Whether working on assignment in her own hometown, or in remote areas of East Africa or war-torn Iraq, Stephanie believed one thing – stories are the most powerful way to reach people and inspire change.

She brings that same strategy to Consociate Media, where she specializes in working with business owners to tell their stories across a wide range of new and traditional media.

Telling those stories can be just that – writing for web content, Blogs, press releases and more. In a communications world where content is king, having fresh, unique and relevant content should be at the heart of all storytelling.

But it’s also helping your business – your dream – develop an overarching strategy to connect to that larger audience. Those services can range from establishing and maintaining a social media presence, building an editorial calendar, strategic messaging development, market research and more.

Before founding Consociate Media, Stephanie also served as a Strategic Communications and Media Training Consultant / Contractor for the U.S. Defense Department and led the corporate communications for a large healthcare organization.

Stephanie works with a variety of clients, from non-profit organizations and healthcare companies, to military training institutions and luxury bed and breakfasts. Learn more about all the clients Consociate Media has been honored to work with here.


Partner at Consociate Media

Rudy Heinatz, MBA, officially joined Consociate Media as a partner in 2013.

We say officially because, yes, the names are the same. Rudy and Stephanie met in 1998 and married in 2002.

Before joining Consociate Media, Rudy spent 10 years as a healthcare executive where he researched gaps in the market to develop new service lines, led a team of 100, a seven figure construction project and multi-million dollar operating budget. He earned his undergraduate degree in business and marketing from Christopher Newport University and his Masters in Business Administration from the Mason School of Business at the College of William and Mary.

As passionately as Stephanie believes in the power of storytelling, Rudy believes in the power of small businesses, the benefits of taking time to analyze efforts and plan for tomorrow and in the strength of setting a strategic goal and then charging after it.

His role in Consociate Media is to do all of that, and more, for clients. The communications plans we develop? He works on market research. The strategies we execute? He analyzes the results to see where our efforts work the best.

Rudy is just as comfortable sitting in a Board room wearing a suit and tie as he is throwing on a t-shirt and flip flops to help a small business set up shop at a local farmers market.

He’s an all-in kind of guy.

Matt Sabo, Content Director & Media Strategist.

Mark Harris, Web Director.

Reese Williams, Project Manager.

Amanda Kerr, Writer and Media Strategist.

Sara Harris of Sara Harris Photography, Photography Partner.