Get Insta-Famous in 2015

By Peyton Smith, Consociate Winter 2015 Intern, and Stephanie Heinatz, Consociate Founder

What do pictures, hashtags, locations, tags and filters all have in common?

Yes, Instagram!

But the answer we were looking for is the key to your social branding in 2015. And we’re not just talking for business to consumer focuses companies. Instagram is emerging as a KEY SOCIAL MARKETING PLATFORM for business to business, too.

This growing social media platform, owned by Facebook, has more than 80 million active users…and adds more each day. It’s mobile only, which makes sense given that more people every day are accessing their social networks on their phones only. And it taps into a younger demographic. Even if you think that your target market is a 55-year-old man, this is still a platform we are telling ALL client to get involved with in 2015. Why? The 30-year-old that’s on Instragram now is your customer for tomorrow.

Plus…it’s just fun! Here are some things we’re tapping into on Instagram for ourselves and our friends.

Tell a story with images.

Balance fun pictures as well as pictures from your business. Check out the Consociate Instagram page for examples. You’ll find pictures of the kids of Consociate at birthday parties with images of our team in action interviewing and writing powerful stories. Severn, our office dog, makes quite a few appearances, too!

If there are just pictures of your products or business, that’s not telling a story about your company. Show a “behind the scenes” look to give users a different view.

Fun pictures allow your followers as well as other Instagram users to see what kind of business you are, so make sure your pictures tell that story.

Get followers.

It’s simple: the more followers you have, the more people you will have view your business/company. Use relevant, popular hashtags to attract users to your account. You can also increase your followers by being social yourself and following others and liking their photos.

Reward followers.

Offering rewards to your followers is a way to not only increase followers, but also business for your company. Retail brands can reward their followers with promotions or offer a discount code when they follow. More followers and more business? That’s killing two birds with one stone!

Host contests.

Who doesn’t want to be Insta-famous? Hosting a photo contest on your business’ Instagram account is a way to keep fans engaged and keep them coming back to your account. Trivia questions, photo-of-the-day or random winners are all ways to engage with your users, and have them engage with you, too.

Want some more Ista-tips? Contact us today! We love a good brainstorming session with business owners!

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