#MYFAVORITETHINGS, by Kelly Marderosian

By Kelly Marderosian, Communications Associate

Everyone loves the time of year when Oprah reveals her list of Favorite Things! It’s something that resonates with women and men alike. I know I love seeing the list!

It got me thinking about my own favorite things, especially those that can’t be measured, like the love of family and friends, finding inspiration in day-to-day life, taking vacations and exploring new places and that gut feeling when everything feels right in the world.

But I also got to thinking about my favorite things about working in marketing, public relations and social media storytelling and the very things that I hope make me a better colleague…a better writer….a better person…a better advocate for our clients.

In no particular order, I present to you my favorite Consociate things!


Starbucks venti iced coffee. Four splenda. With cream. Yep, that’s how I like it! And it’s the same way every time. Anyone that knows me knows I love my Starbucks…some might even call it an addition. I call it fuel. Fuel for the day. When I grab my coffee in the morning after getting my sweet babies off to school, I get comfy and am ready to take on the day! The best part? It lasts me until lunch time! I mean…it is 20 ounces of caffeine goodness.


If there’s one thing I’ve learned from Steph (founder of Consociate Media), it’s to look for inspiration in different, unexpected places. Or at least be open to finding it when you least expect it. I love picking up a random magazine and looking through it. How do they layout their graphics? What buzz words are they using? What speaks to me? It’s a great way to keep things fresh! Seeing one sentence can spark an idea for something great!

Corporate Fitness

You know what they say…the team that sweats together creates together! Okay, maybe we made that up…but it’s true! Every Monday evening and Wednesday morning a few of us come together at Body By D to spend some time strength training. Focusing on my body and my mind makes me a better colleague, friend, mother and wife. Health and wellness go hand in hand and by taking a mental break to work out, I come back to work refreshed, recharged and ready to knock out the next project! Plus, all those endorphins are fuel for the brain!

Team Gantt

Nerd alert. I am that person that gets excited over a label maker. Seriously. I love to get and stay organized. Team Gantt is a project management tool we use to keep our clients and projects organized. We can store notes, conversations, progress on tasks and communicate with each other on status updates. This is one tool that allows us to be better as a team and for our clients, ensuring nothing is overlooked. The best part? When you are organized, you can allow yourself to think more freely and openly – something that’s great when you need to create something new and fresh for an upcoming campaign.


Yes, music! Some people like it quiet to focus. Me? I like music, particularly the Maroon 5 station. Music makes me feel happy and when I’m happy, I feel motivated and pumped! And yes, there might be singing involved.


Seven minds are better than one! Every single time our team comes together to share project updates, brainstorm on a new campaign or just laugh, I think how blessed we are to work together. I’m lucky. These amazing people I work with…they aren’t just colleagues….they are friends and family. They are people I can confide in. They are people that make me strive to be better. They are among #myfavoritethings.

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