Boost Your Facebook Page In 2015

By Peyton Smith, Consociate Winter 2015 Intern, and Stephanie Heinatz, Consociate Founder

Two years ago, as we started working with brand new businesses, we spent most of our time educating entrepreneurs on why having their brands and storefronts on Facebook was an integral part of their social marketing strategy.

Today, everyone knows that and as a result Facebook has become very loud. Lots of posts. Lots of things to like. Lots of people to compete with.

As we dive deeper into 2015, Facebook marketing is contingent on bringing something of value to your clients, to your customers, to the world. You have to stand out and not just be part of the crowd.

By applying those basic tenets to a Facebook strategy, companies on Main Street can compete more equally with brands managed on Wall Street.

So what are the tactics you can use to accomplish this?

Spark conversation on your posts.

Social media, whatever platform you are using, is meant to be social. Don’t just tell people what your company is doing. Ask them what they’re doing? Engage your audience. Get their feedback. Give them a reason to have a social conversation with you. Post a picture of a new designer’s tops you’re carrying in your boutique and ask what people would pair it with. Weekend on the way? Ask folks what their plans are…and share your own.

Be visual! Photos and Videos! Post them!

Although this may seem simple, remember to post pictures and videos, especially funny ones, to increase your number of “shares.” We are visual people, as a rule. And when you think about how people use Facebook most today – on their Smart Phones – it will be a picture or a video that will grab their attention first. This doesn’t have to be complicated, either. Do a quick virtual tour of your shop. Take a picture with your iPhone, put a cool filter on it and post.

Be a source.

Don’t try to sell, sell, sell. That’s not why we use social media. We use social media to connect. To get smarter. To stay in touch. Use your Facebook page to give tips, to educate, to show people that you have advice to give and it’s worth listening to by sharing your knowledge and not just telling people you have it.

Spend time online.

We’re saving the best and most important for last. SPEND TIME ONLINE. Don’t just post and walk away. Remember that tip above that social media requires you to be social? This is what we’re talking about here. This is an important tip that often many companies forget. And, quite honestly, it’s where the time commitment to social media really comes in. If you are asking people what they think, you are going to need to respond to them. This is where you can really connect with your audience. A few extra minutes spent online can give your brand an extra boost. It will also show your fans that you care enough to talk to them. If they walked in your store and said hello you would say hi back, right? Social media is no different. Whatever you do offline you should do online, too.

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