The Gratitude Frequency

Guest Blog Post By Rico Delargo

Rico, Mark Harris (Consociate Web Designer), Kelly Marderosian (Consociate Social Media Manager) and Stephanie Heinatz (Consociate Founder) went to high school together and ever since we’ve been honored to follow his successes and launch of Lifestyle Supreme (read more below). We’re even more honored he took the time to share with us this, his take on the gratitude frequency, and his mission to enhance people’s lives in positive and meaningful ways. 

Each morning, I take a few minutes to tilt my face towards the sun with my eyes closed and swim in a pool of gratitude.

Living a passion-fueled lifestyle has allowed me to experience so many unbelievable moments and I genuinely believe that giving thanks for those moments is the key to multiplying them. The kinder we are, the more thankful we are, the more prone we are to staying on a frequency that allows us to experience utmost joy and bliss.

After doing laps around the country for seven years as a professional musician, I returned to Las Vegas in search of some answers. I had studied music, taught high school, attained my master’s degree, worked for a cool lifestyle marketing agency and accomplished my dream of being a touring musician. I would ask myself several questions daily. Deep thoughts about my existence and the purpose for my everyday life were all rabbit holes I was diving head first into. I continue to travel down those paths and the more I explore, the more I learn about myself and others.

My everyday life, my reason for living and my contribution to humanity are all focused in one direction. I am here to enrich people’s lives. Whether it’s done through a speaking engagement for kids at a public school or an experience curated to fuel engagement amongst guests, the mission remains the same. I wish to inspire, motivate, affect and enhance the vibe of the people around me and beyond. This is my purpose. How can I affect someone’s life in a positive way TODAY?

Like anyone else, I endure the ebb and flow of life. Yin and Yang. Balance truly is everything. As we endure what I call the “Upgrade Era” where everyone wants better, faster, nicer, and more efficient, I’m putting daily focus on balance, gratitude and kindness. Instead of searching for “happiness”, I believe we should practice harmonizing with the peace within ourselves. That is the frequency that allows us to enjoy all of the beauty and joy that surrounds us each day.

If we embrace this logic, we are opening a plethora of doors filled with opportunities. Upgrading our level of awareness would be a worthy cause. Turning down all the white noise (the stuff that truly doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of our lives) allows us the ability to see, hear and feel those opportunities zipping by our faces. Just listen.


Rico DeLargo has been touring the country and beyond as a professional trumpet player performing alongside DJs at some of the top nightlife destinations in the world for almost a decade. He is well versed in experiential marketing and has recently worked with lifestyle brands and Don Julio Tequila as an experience curator. His passion project, Lifestyle Supreme provides unique, lifestyle enhancing experiences for individuals and small groups nationwide.

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