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Meet Consociate Media Winter 2016 Intern, Lucy Smith

By Kelly Marderosian, Social Media Manager and Writer, Consociate Media

Nous sommes heureux d’accueillir Lucy Smith à consociatif médias que notre stagiaire de l’hiver!

Ne parlez pas français?

Us, either. But now we have Lucy Smith to help us!

We are pleased to welcome Lucy Smith to Consociate Media as our winter intern!

Currently a student at Hollins University in Roanoke, VA, Lucy is expected to graduate in the spring of 2017.

Born in Alexandria, VA and raised in Williamsburg with her older brother, Trent and a younger sister Ramsay, Lucy graduated from Hampton Roads Academy in 2013 before enrolling at Hollins.

“I’ve been lucky to be involved in a lot of things throughout my college experience.”

Her freshman year, Lucy traveled to St. John in the Virgin Islands for a biodiversity field trip. Her sophomore year, she interned in Washington D.C. at the Supreme Court in the Office of Public Information. Most recently, she studied abroad in Paris during the fall of 2015 of her junior year (which explains the French!).

“I loved Paris because I was able to travel all the time, every weekend,” Lucy said. She recalls walking around the streets of Paris with her friend and a map saying, “the adventure was my favorite part!”

To date, during her time at Hollins, Lucy has served as a member of the Hollins Activity Board both as a Publicity and Promotions Chair and as a Formal Events Chair. She also served on ADA, the school’s spirit organization. Additionally, she is a member of the school’s riding team. Lucy has also been involved with admissions at Hollins, serving as an ambassador.

Lucy made the connection to Consociate Media when her mom worked as the Executive Director of Advancement at Hampton Roads Academy, where Consociate Media’s littlest intern – 5-year-old Will Heinatz attends school.

While at Consociate, Lucy hopes to gain experience working for a fast paced public relations firm

“I’ve never had an internship like this before so I’m looking forward to experiencing going to official meetings, being prepared for that, looking at presentations and seeing how a small businesses is run,” Lucy said. “You can read about it all day but until you see how people make those difficult decisions and where they go with them, I think that’s where I’ll really learn and everything will click.”

Lucy is majoring in Business with a Marketing concentration. She’s also minoring in French.

“I hope to do something that I find interesting that improves the community that I’m living in,” said Lucy. “Something that helps to spread the word about something cool or interesting. I’d really like to be involved with something I believe in.”

While she hasn’t fully decided on a field yet, Lucy says she loved working in admissions at Hollins and talking to people. She says perhaps working in the marketing department for a school may be her calling.

In her free time, Lucy is an active equestrian. She also spends a lot of her free time with family.

“We are huge William and Mary Tribe fans and we have court-side seats, so we go to every single game.”

She also loves to read just about anything but is admittedly a huge Harry Potter fan, often quoting that “happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.”

Lucy is passionate about changing the world, one story at a time. And we’re glad to have her here to hone her skills to do just that.

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Tawn, Riding Elephants, Cheering on Auburn and Ms. Peyton Smith

Peyton Smith five dogs

Profile by Hannah Gatens, Photos Courtesy of Peyton Smith’s Fun Facebook Profile


Which of the following do you think could be true about Consociate’s winter intern, Peyton Smith?

  1. She wants her next vacation to be somewhere she can ride an elephant.
  2. Her dream job is to work as an addition to Kathy Lee and Hoda’s 10 o’clock hour of The Today Show.
  3. Her nickname is Tawn.

All of the above!

Twenty-one-year-old Peyton was born and raised in Gloucester, Va. where she lived with her mom, dad, brother and five wild dogs (yep…those right up there). Gloucester, if you don’t know, sits just east of Richmond and west of Virginia Beach.

Peyton Smith Auburn Horse

Currently a junior at Auburn University, Peyton is studying Communications and working towards a Business minor — a pairing that could very well add that third chair to the 10 o’clock hour slot she’s chasing.

“I wanted to major in Communications because I knew it was a skill that many employers look for and was attracted to learning about a variety of topics that make me marketable,” Peyton said.

When deciding on Auburn, Peyton knew she wanted to explore options outside of Virginia, but never knew how much she could fall in love with a school until she stepped foot on Auburn’s campus.

At school, Peyton interns with the Media Relations team for the Athletic Department and is part of the equestrian team. Yes…she does have one championship ring!

Peyton Smith Auburn Champ Ring

She’s also a mentor for the Auburn Leadership Institute that works with freshmen and transfer student-athletes.

As for that nickname, “Tawn” comes from the sweet, slow Southern way to say “Pey-Tawn.” Even her coaches have taken a liking to it.

Peyton found her way to the Conscociate offices this winter when she came home to be with family for the holidays and has been busy helping the team map out media plans for 2015, completing social media audits of client accounts to help make 2015 even better for them and their social marketing campaigns and stretching her writing muscles, working on blog posts and bios on clients for new web sites under development.

Consociate Christmas Party Picture

“She folded right into the team as if she’s worked with us all from the beginning and as if she’s full time,” said Stephanie Heinatz, founder of Consociate. “We have a feeling she’ll be seeking an internship soon in the bustling Atlanta area, but if she makes it home again this summer, we have a desk ready for her. She’s worked hard and eagerly…while I’m guessing a lot of college students are taking time to relax over the holiday break.”

That work ethic, Peyton said, comes from her dad. You can’t worry about things out of your control, he had told her. But you can work hard.

“I try to remember and live by this advice,” Peyton said.

This advice, Peyton said, will carry her through her remaining time at Auburn, additional internships and well into the future, which, if all goes according to plan, will take her somewhere that includes an adventure putting her on top of an elephant.

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