Start Pinning With Pinterest In 2015

By Peyton Smith, Consociate Winter 2015 Intern

Raise your hand if you love a lazy Sunday morning flipping through magazines and dog-earring the pages of recipes, outfits or home improvement projects you aim to take on? Me, too.

That’s also why I love Pinterest. Admittedly, Consociate’s Founder Steph Heinatz calls it the “social media vortex,” because once you log in it’s hard to log off! It’s that addicting…and why it’s also a great place for brands to showcase their looks, tips, ideas and newest creations.

And yes, Pinterest, just like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, is a powerful way to market brands and engage with customers.

How? Here are a few of our best tips for making the most of your Pinterest account, boards and pins.

Happy pinning!

Know your brand.

Keep your Pinterest boards focused on things relevant to you and your company. People looking at your boards won’t learn about the company if you are pinning things that aren’t relevant. The Inn at Warner Hall, for example, doesn’t pin things related to clothing. They focus on history, food and hospitality.

Specify and organize.

Label each board and pin things on that board accordingly. For example, Lowe’s has a board titled, “Grillin’ and Chillin’” with different recipes, grills, and chillin’ ideas. Having clear title makes browsing easy.

The more the better. (When it comes to Pinterest!)

Pinterest users like to browse, therefore the more pins and boards, the better. It allows users to stay on your page and browse longer. The key to having more is to keep everything organized. Refer back to the previous tip!

The name says it all.

Looking for a creative title? Ask Whole Foods. This grocery store chain is the master of titling boards. “Cheese is the Bee’s Knees” lets us know exactly what that board is about, while attracting us to it with the clever name.

Pin Placement.

Research shows that the pins placed front and center are the ones that receive the most views. Pay attention to where your pins and boards are and organize accordingly.

Connect to your web site.

Be sure to have a link to your Pinterest page easily accessible on your web site – footer and header, for example – and give people an option to easily pin things from your blog by adding the PIN IT button.

Pin regularly.

This is important to remember. It’s not about pinning a lot one day and then being idle. Pinning regularly keeps your profile’s pins in the feed of each pin’s category. This will help grow your followers…and business.

Need help starting? Contact us today! We love Pinterest!

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