Consociate Media Welcomes Her Royal Highness Queen Reese To The Team

Taster of Fine Food. World Traveler. Song Lyric Extraordinaire. Freelance Writer. Radio Personality. HRH QR (ask her sometime how she earned the nickname HER ROYAL HIGHNESS QUEEN REESE). Army Brat.

Now add Consociate Media Project Manager and Writer and you have a good list to describe Reese Williams, the newest member of the Consociate Media team.

“It’s funny how the stars align in life sometimes,” said Stephanie Heinatz, founder of Consociate Media. “I’ve wanted Reese to be part of our team since the very first time I met her, and this summer, when the opportunity arose for her to join us, we jumped at it. Her positive attitude about life and creativity with every project we’re selected to be part of is intoxicating and we’re thrilled she’s joined our family.”

As project manager, Williams oversees the various pieces of the puzzle that are moving from day to day for each of the Consociate Media clients. As a creative person by nature, Williams also helps lead creative brainstorming session for specific campaigns, helps launch new clients and drive their PR and communications planning and strategy, completes research (she’s been known to do some secret shopping under the name Lisa) and is the first set of eyes on new creative materials designed by the graphics and web departments.

“We have such a variety of clients that it’s really great to expand your mind in so many different ways,” Williams said. “I’m naturally curious and love learning about different sub-cultures of life. Here I get to exercise the project management side and keep things in order and also have the ability to write creative pieces. I’m definitely middle of the road when it comes to left-brain right-brain so I’m really good at being able to communicate with the artistic mind and the business mind.”

So where did Williams hone her creative and business skills?

Williams, much like the majority of the Consociate Media team, is a Gloucester High School graduate. Although, she attended 13 schools before earning her diploma there having grown up an Army brat.

Following high school, Williams worked as a nanny for a family who eventually relocated to San Francisco in 1998. The plan was for Williams to help them move and return to Virginia, however once she got to San Francisco “I needed to see what life was like on my own,” she said.

Instantly in love with the geographical beauty and the culture of good ole San Fran, Williams stayed.

“It was like a playground. There were lots of festivals and art openings and parades.”

And a great job(s). Williams began working with Wells Fargo as a Print Production Manager and became a professional voice actor.

Williams returned to Gloucester in 2010 to be closer to family and quickly joined the team of WXGM 99.1 as a radio personality and eventual News Director, where she remains part of the morning show to this day.

“I have audio recordings of myself at eight years old recording radio shows of myself and interviewing kids at school and my parents,” Williams said. “My friend and I even wrote a soap opera script called “Oscars Ostriche’s” and we acted it out with stuffed animals. Clearly, I’ve always really been about storytelling and writing.”

In addition to working with WXGM and Consociate Media, Williams volunteers with the Red Cross and as an Advisory Board Member for both the Gloucester Main Street Association and Alzheimer’s Association.

When she’s not in the office, look for Williams enjoying board games (she’s part of a powerhouse team that plays at a regular trivia night in town), taking walks about her neighborhood and the park, spending time on the water, dinner parties, road trips, museums and eating ethnic food.

Williams has traveled to four of the seven continents and been to dozens of countries, her favorite being a tie between Italy and Japan. She hopes to continue traveling, meeting people, growing with Consociate Media, treating people kindly and leaving people with the impression of good character.

“I’d love for my legacy to be creating entertaining things for people to read.”

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