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Words make up only a part of strategic communications. Consociate will work with you to develop a comprehensive plan of words, actions, and visuals that align with the core values, mission and goals set by your company. We start with an audit of past and current marketing and communications efforts to establish a baseline of what’s out there about your business. That includes an SEO audit and review of your website. From there, Consociate will develop Key Performance Indicators to guide the direction your messaging will take and to expand your reach. By dissecting your strategy with concrete analytics, we can target our efforts on what tools matter the most to your audience and which ones need improvement for full impact. Consistency will be key in in developing both short- and long-term communication plans and a crisis communication plan specifically tailored to your business. We will identify the outcomes that you want to achieve with your communications and create a comprehensive strategy that speaks to your stakeholders and the public at large.There’s a lot of noise out there. Let Consociate help you plan strategically to deliver the messaging that will grow your company today and prepare it for tomorrow.

Consociate knows what makes a story — and how to build relationships with those in the media who are most interested in telling those stories. And because we’ve become a trusted and valued source of information to a variety of traditional and digital publications, we know where the opportunities lie to tell your unique story to the media. We aim to be as valuable to the media as the media is to our clients — a win-win for all. Our team of professionals — which includes a former reporter, photojournalist and corporate media practitioner — helps develop stories, find the right target, prepare clients for interviews, and track trends and inclinations among the most influential news outlets.We bring vast expertise to all aspects of media relations, including:

Op-eds and bylined articles

A bylined article written with the assistance of a Consociate team member is one of the best ways to deliver your unfiltered message to those whom you are trying to reach. Be it an op-ed for a media outlet, a contribution or guest column for a leading website, a trade article, long-form piece or even a simple letter to the editor, our seasoned wordsmiths are highly skilled in grabbing the reader’s attention on a timely subject, making the argument, then delivering a powerful conclusion or call to action. Every piece is carefully prepared to meet a client’s objectives, style, experience and audience.

Outreach planning and execution

Having a message is one thing. Delivering it is another. Consociate can help create an outreach planning matrix designed to deliver a steadily increasing drumbeat of branded, positive news of interest to the media that will boost awareness and understanding of brand, executives and spokespeople, as well as products and services. Consociate has vast experience supporting conferences, creating printed pieces, producing publications, developing surveys and more. We will identify opportunities and trends concentrating on hot topics and develop pitches that align with media vehicles and target audiences. Ongoing media monitoring will help us identify opportunities and measure results.

Media relationship building

While the world is increasingly virtual, the value of face-to-face interaction must not be overlooked. At Consociate, we use our connections with the media in local markets to introduce you to — and form mutually beneficial relationships with — the writers, editors and outlets that have an impact on your organization.

Words matter. Clean, crisp copy is a must for content marketing. Consociate offers professional copywriting services that capture your voice in website copy, social media posts, blogs, press releases, whitepapers, brochures, eBooks, annual reports and much more.

We tell your story through an intuitive, SEO-savvy, functional, secure website that’s easy to navigate for your users, who won’t need a treasure hunt to find your call-to-action message. Let Consociate developers capture your brand identify through a website specifically tailored to you and your business. We can start from scratch if you’ve never had a web presence or optimize an existing site to better serve your audience. We’re experts at keeping your site fresh with updated content that will reinforce your core values and brand identity.

Our creative team can design multiple original assets for you, all consistent with the brand messaging that tells your unique story. We rely on research, strategy and creativity to develop a logo that your customers and competitors will easily recognize. Transforming your most meaningful data into a visual package will not only engage your audience, it will build credibility.

Connecting with your peeps through fresh social media content keeps your message current. We’ll identify which platforms align best with your marketing strategy and provide organic maintenance of all your social channels. Consociate will develop a strategic approach to each of your social accounts and tailor posts to your brand. The best social media relies on an interactive dialogue with your audience. We will manage your accounts as well to ensure that no question or concern goes unaddressed.

We believe in authentic storytelling, crafted in strategy and measured with results. Let Consociate build a marketing strategy for your business or organization that truly aligns with what you need to achieve. Our marketing strategy development process helps you clarify your goals and provides the basis for how you will reach them. We believe in a data-driven approach that starts with a discovery and auditing process and culminates with establishing key performance indicators and metrics for what success looks like.Whether the goal is to boost revenue, attract new donors, increase website conversions, penetrate new markets or more, the development of a sound marketing strategy is crucial. Consociate can help.

Today most everyone engages in mobile photography. We promise you will see the difference of going with the trained eye of a professional. While words tell stories, incorporating high-quality visuals is critical to strengthening your brand. Our award-winning photographers bring decades of experience in addition to state-of-the-art equipment and a mastery of lighting, editing, filters and composition. Every element of your marketing — from your website to your printed materials to your social media accounts — will benefit from working with a professional photographer to capture the uniqueness of your brand.

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but experts say one minute of video is worth 1.8 million of them. Consociate offers professional videography services that drive engagement and real business results. Our team has the technology and talent to produce impactful videos that capture the essence of your brand and the passion of your team. We specialize in video marketing campaigns, including social media videos, website videos, video advertising and more. And we can help you every step of the way, from pre-production to production and post-production.It’s one thing to tell people your story. Let us help you show them.

By living streaming an event, you’re telling the story of your brand digitally. You want it to be authentic. Professional. High-quality and engaging. Whether you want to host a webinar, launch a new product, have a fundraiser, make a major company announcement or amplify your message, rely on Consociate’s expertise and cutting-edge technology to live stream your next event with broadcast quality. We can use your space or our studio. Everything from the visuals to the audio to the pre-recorded video to the graphics will be customizable to achieve the impact you want for your message that will look and sound perfect before we go live.

Your spokespeople need an understanding of how the media operates and how to present when necessary. Consociate offers comprehensive media training that helps you work effectively with the media by tailoring your message and approach through techniques that enable better control of your interactions with the press. We can also help you hone your presentation skills. Regardless of the reason or format — whether it involves speeches, multimedia, short impromptu talks, long-planned presentations, training sessions or simply giving a talk on a voluntary basis for pleasure — the Consociate team can help you feel confident when it’s time to get your message across.