5 Takeaway Marketing Trends to Position Your Company for 2023

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We’re dreamers and doers at Consociate Media who share a passion for bringing brands to life. Creativity runs through us, but we’re increasingly mindful of relevancy, keeping current with evolving marketing trends and in some cases, being ahead of them.

Here are 5 things to be mindful of as communicators as we head into the new year.

More than Facebook

Consociate Media was born over a decade ago when Facebook was an emerging platform for businesses. Some used it; most didn’t. In 2022, most businesses not only recognize the value of a presence on Facebook, they use multiple platforms — Twitter, Instagram, Instagram Reels, TikTok, YouTube, LinkedIn and look out, BeReal is on the way! Standing out in a noisy digital world calls for social content to be engaging, inviting and specific to the platform. Social media today is no longer an afterthought, and it can no longer be the only thing you do. It must be part of a holistic, comprehensive strategic marketing plan.

Speaking of Social . . .

While organic reach is falling off in the social world, the brands and causes winning at the marketing game are combining paid, earned, social and owned (PESO) media together to create their well-rounded marketing strategy. If your website is tight, but your social media is lacking, you lose. If your social looks great, but you’re talking to an empty room, you lose. If you aren’t connecting all of those dots and making sure to include folks with an even bigger reach – micro influencers, major influencers and traditional mass media – you lose. So, what can you do in 2023 to make sure you win?

Print Makes a Comeback

Stop the presses. We have a big announcement to make – that may surprise you. In a digital world, print still matters. Print should be a thoughtful component to any digital marketing campaign. Studies have shown that if something is printed, it typically ranks as credible from Generation Z, the first population to grow up in a digital era. Print, something users can see, touch, feel and peruse at their leisure, is often an invitation your audience can’t resist if it is visually appealing and ideally, practical. The increased use of QR codes can transport users directly to your product and provide metrics to inform your future decision making.

The Power of Authenticity and Storytelling

From day one at Consociate Media, we beat the drum on authenticity and storytelling over fluff and rhetoric. Real content resonates even more with audiences today. You don’t need to be a professional videographer with state-of-the-art equipment to produce an engaging Instagram reel. Nor does your CEO need to speak in empty words that champion the company brand. Real stories with raw, rich detail build genuine connection. Incorporate actual voices and specific details in your efforts this coming year. Words matter. Real words from actual conversations. The use of Zoom and tools like it at the height of the pandemic revealed who we really are minus the filters. And audiences like it that way.

The Journey Matters

The best strategic marketing campaigns trust the process. Every idea isn’t going to generate social buzz or guarantee media coverage. But building strong professional relationships and engaging in best and current practices every day pays off in the long run. Everything isn’t a sprint. Believe in and trust the power of incrementalism. Little by little, we’ll get there with the journey along the way every bit as important as the final destination.