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Why I Wage Hope in Memory of My Dad

By Vicki L. Friedman  Pancreatic cancer. What Alex Trebak died of ranks third among cancer deaths in the United States with an overall five-year survival rate of 10%. My father, Harry Friedman, was among the 63% of patients who died within the first year of diagnosis. We lost Dad 23…

We Asked. You Answered by Fueling the Frontlines.

We wanted to say thank you to the frontlines —the Riverside health care heroes who continue to serve the Middle Peninsula community tirelessly during the COVID-19 pandemic. We showed our gratitude with a fresh meal, 887 of them, delivered to Riverside health team members on the Middle Peninsula over three…

Fueling the Frontline Health Care Workers on the MidPen

When the COVID-19 pandemic first hit the Middle Peninsula community in 2019, we all rallied around our heath care teams, working to provide them as much support as possible as they dealt with a public health crisis unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. Today, as the pandemic surges to new…