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Why It Matters that Reporters-turned-PR Pros Speak the Same Language as Their Former Peers

In this era of shrinking newsrooms, seasoned public relations professionals have never been more valuable. It’s no secret that former reporters and editors often transition into careers as PR pros and one of the top skills they bring to the table is media relations. If no one on your staff…

Next time your press release will sizzle thanks to these 5 tips

It’s been a full 24 hours since you hit the send button on a press release that you’re pretty stoked about and yet crickets. … Hello? Is anybody there? Good news — the plethora of media outlets is no longer limited to print and broadcast. Social media, websites and online…

The Power of Storytelling: Your Story and the Media

Virginia economic developers have a great story to tell. Period. But with an increasingly diverse media ecosystem – from mass media to social media, bloggers to influencers – where should economic developers focus their efforts? Media relations – that is, developing relationships and harnessing the power of mass media (newspapers,…