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Imagine What We Can Do Together

Most of us are fond of using the terms collaboration and partnerships as part of public relations efforts to promote a brand or business. These words or others like them might be part of your mission statement or core values along with a mention of the value of building relationships….

The Art of the Interview

By Stephanie Heinatz, Consociate Media Partner We were sitting inside his tiny office. Files were spread across his desk – albeit closed. And we were chatting. He was a long-time detective working a whole host of cold case homicides and I was a young pup of a reporter working the…

The Three-Legged Stool Approach to Telling Stories, Pitching Journalists

By Stephanie Heinatz, Consociate Media Partner Back in the day, while working as a newspaper journalist, I learned early on my biggest weakness. I was addicted to story. To human conflict and how people overcome adversity. To the tales of people doing good for each other…just because. My first newspaper…