Doing Our Part to Preserve the Gateway to Guinea

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We value home at Consociate Media.

Through the stories we tell, we find ways to support people who are both friends and clients. We believe in giving back and making a difference right here where all of us live.

Finding a way to preserve special places matters to us, too. Guinea is one of those places. If you don’t know much about Guinea, it’s officially the unofficial name for a collection of Gloucester County communities in Guinea Neck—Maryus, Jenkins Neck, Perrin, and Achilles, among them —and located just across the York River from Yorktown. The culture that reveres the men and women whose livelihood was on the water carries its own dialect that dates back centuries.

Unless you arrive by boat, there’s really only one way to get there – Guinea Road.

Sadly there’s far more trash littering the sides of this road – a gateway to a community filled with heritage – than should be there.

So we’re going to help change it.

Consociate Media, as part of the Virginia Adopt a Highway program, has taken on helping keep the 2-mile stretch of Guinea Road from Route 17 to the Buck’s Store Museum beautiful.

The idea stemmed from our own Jill Pongonis, who was able to secure that location through an application to the Virginia Department of Transportation.

The families rooted in Guinea cherish their heritage, and so do we. Three of the five Consociate Media owners and partners live off of Guinea Road and it’s part of the home region of this company. That’s not by accident. It was intentional to start the business 10 years ago in Gloucester rather than move to a larger area in the region.

Gloucester is home. Guinea is part of the fabric in Gloucester. It’s a heritage we don’t want to see lost through time or decay.

When we preserve a place, we tend to it. We show it that it matters. We make sure we find a way to share what happened there and why it was important then and meaningful now.

Stay tuned! Community litter pick-up days on Guinea Road are getting organized now and will be announced soon…and throughout the years!