Graphic Design Interns Wanted

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If you’re a college student with an eye for design, a desire to improve and some proficiency in the Adobe suite, we’re interested in having you join us as a Graphic Design Intern at Consociate Media.

As a marketing, media and management firm, we focus on storytelling as it relates to strategic communications, copywriting, website design, graphic design, social media management, corporate photography and videography. Your focus will be on visuals that tell a story through logos, websites, brochures, apparel and more. You will receive mentorship and coaching from a team of fun industry professionals dedicated to their craft.

Our interns are hands-on and trusted to help with a variety of projects for a client base that extends throughout Virginia. We cater to a diverse portfolio of clients from breweries to restaurants to nonprofit organizations to government agencies. You’ll learn from us, but we encourage you to share your voice, so we learn from you, too.

We aren’t micromanagers here, and we don’t follow the typical corporate structure. Some days will call for nontraditional hours, but we also don’t mind being flexible when your schedule calls for it. We do ask that you bring it every day. Be willing, be accepting of feedback, help out in a pinch and stay positive through it all.

This is a paid opportunity. We don’t work for free and don’t expect our interns to do that, either.

How to apply

Send us a cover letter introducing yourself and include details on the fine arts curriculum in your background. Don’t just repeat what’s on your resume, which we’d also like to see. Let us know what skills you bring, why you want to intern in graphic design at Consociate Media, and who you are as a person. If you have samples of your work that are either professional or classwork, please attach them.

We are making intern hires quickly, so the sooner you can send your materials, the better.

Email everything to our founder and managing partner, Stephanie Heinatz at