Marketing Essentials Workshops for Nonprofits at The Studios @ Consociate Media

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Join us for a six-part marketing workshop series for nonprofits with our friends at NetworkPeninsula. In our newly designed training room, this series will focus on marketing essentials and is open to all nonprofit development and marketing professionals.

Join us for one or all sessions!

All sessions will be held here at The Studios at Consociate Media in the Shops at Tidemill at Gloucester Point.

Each session will kick off at 8:30 a.m. with breakfast, coffee and networking. A one hour session will start at 9 a.m. and we promise to have you on your way for the day by 10!

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March 7 – What Do You Know About P.E.S.O.? – Spring is nearly here…which gives us some time to do a little spring cleaning on your marketing and communications efforts to raise awareness of your nonprofit. In this session we’ll map out how you can audit your own efforts to ensure you’re putting your efforts and resources into the right P.E.S.O. buckets (if you’re new to that acronym, here’s a hint – PAID, EARNED, SOCIAL and OWNED).

April 11 – Take Your Canva Skills to the Next Level – Sure, Canva is a free and easy-to-use online graphic design tool that you might already be taking advantage of. But are you truly tapping into all the ways you can elevate your marketing materials for your nonprofit with Canva? In this session we’ll go over tips and tricks for using Canva to elevate your designs to look even more professional (and aligned with your nonprofit’s visual brand).

May 2 – Level Up Your Photography – Do you have a phone? Android? iPhone? Then you have a powerful marketing tool in your hand – a camera! In this session, a workshop style, professional photographers will showcase how to level-up your photography to better show the stories of your nonprofit. There really are a few tips and tricks in composition, lighting and more that can turn your iPhone snap into a professional quality image.

June 6 – Influencing With Social Influencers – It’s true. There are personalities out there on social media that have a more engaged audience and more followers than even your local newspaper. But how can you influence the community with social influencer marketing? What even is social influencer marketing? Do you have social influencers in your community? We’ll go over all this – and feature a local social media influencer – so you can determine how and when to use this tactic for growing awareness about your nonprofit.

September 5 – So What’s Your Story? – Theme. Characters. Setting. Point of view. Plot. Conflict. Resolution. These are the elements of story. And you – yes, YOU – have them in your nonprofit. In this session, we’ll outline the elements of story, how to determine how it aligns with your nonprofit and then how to turn that into your most powerful marketing tool – your story. Led by professional writers and former journalists.

October 3 – Planning Your 2024! – Ever get to January and wish you had spent more time before the holiday season mapping out your plan for the follow-on year? You’re not alone. In this session we’ll go over a few end-of-year reminders (are you ready for end of year giving and how to communicate that to stand out from the noise), and map out key planning dates for your 2024.

This series of workshops is offered at no charge to NetworkPeninsula members and representatives of current member organizations. For all other guests, and non-members, the fee is $25 per person.