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The Power of Storytelling: Your Story and the Media

Virginia economic developers have a great story to tell. Period. But with an increasingly diverse media ecosystem – from mass media to social media, bloggers to influencers – where should economic developers focus their efforts? Media relations – that is, developing relationships and harnessing the power of mass media (newspapers,…

Consociate: All In A Name

“Is CONSOCIATE a real word?” Oh, the number of times we have been asked that very question! And we love it…because it means we get to highlight the power that comes with bringing us all together, to bring into association, to partner, to come together for fellowship! That’s what we’re…

Consociate Media’s Stephanie Heinatz Appointed to GO Virginia Regional Council

Gloucester County businesswoman Stephanie Heinatz has been appointed to the Mary Ball Washington Regional Council of the Virginia Initiative for Growth and Opportunity (GO Virginia). GO Virginia is a bipartisan, business-led economic development initiative that aims to fundamentally change the way Virginia’s regions collaborate on economic and workforce development activities….